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Family Drifter Pt.1

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

So, it is sunday morning, you are heading over to the park where your wife and child will have some fun with other children. But its sunday, and somewhere not far away the guys are gathering for some car talks and a bit of drifting...

The question is, what are your options and what can you build, to function as a family 4 door car, and also have some fun and do some drifting.

One of the most famous an sexier options is this ... a Lexus IS, with its 4-door and various build options you can find across the internet, you can make it suit your needs.

Here is one build by Konstantinos Tsilivarakos also known as TsiliWorks in Athens, Greece.

Its build is simple and stylish not too much not too little, just the perfect balance to satisfy your needs showing character with some street aggression but also elegance and high class vip style.

Unfortunately i have nothing to tell about the interior because we will split this build into to parts as it is not yet fully ready to show.

Here are some Specs and fitment details

BC suspension

Work CR wheel with 18 x 8,5 et32 0.5 spacers in front

and 18 x 9,5 et20 at the rear



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