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Drift Kings Europe Series | Round 4 - La Chapelle Du Bard - TOUGE RUN

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Round 4 of Drift Kings Europe series was hosted in La Chapelle du Bard, nestled in the French Alps. This touge course which is already a regular of local touge heroes became the centre of attention for the Pro and Pro2 categories of this month's Drift Kings series.

IMAGE BY : DGP media

Axel Francois ripping the mountains

With the exception of the local athletes, most of the competitors this round are experiencing La Chapelle's touge run for the very first time but the run doesn't grant any mercy to these newcomers. Any mistakes or errors in this mountainous layout could mean an end to your chance at continuing to the next round and destroy your car. That goes without saying, we did see Marco Zakouřil and Nicolas Delorme crash and take some damage to their cars but thankfully, neither of them suffered any injuries. Despite the accident, Delorme took first place on the podium, with Zakouřil managing to earn the second place spot.

After a thrilling fight between Rick Van Goethem and Axel Francois for that last spot on the podium, Francois took third place and despite being fourth, Van Goethem remains first place overall in the championship.

See the video above for Van Goethem's account of the events of the day. So what's next? Clutchkick is off to Austria to cover the next round of the Drift Kings series. We can't wait to see what's in store and we hope to see you guys there!



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