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Meihan Sportland in Germany

On the 14th March a drift event was hosted in the Hockenheim Ring in Germany by Speed Industries and Zestino Switcherland. Bringing a famous layout loved by noumerous of drift fans and drivers all over the world the Meihan Sportland which is originally located a little outside Osaka, Japan.

As the given space did not really give the opportunity to recreate 100% of the track, it was created only a 70-80% of it (The course you see with red line). But still keeping one of the most fun parts of the track and which is one of the main reasons it is famous about, yes ... i am talking about the wall slide, with drivers making long sliding entries by touching the wall with the rear end of the car.

Unfortunate it was, that the Coronavirus started to hit events and we were lucky enough the hosts were allowed to carry on wit hthe event, with only drivers and media, they forbid audience and excess crowd. We all hope this will end soon so we can get back on tracks and enjoy the motorsport we love.



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