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"Rollercoaster from Hell"

Estonia, Kehala a small area near Rakvere town, which has a huge land and most of it build as rally circuit which in the past year mostly renovated and remodelled for drifting, which has a bi potential of becoming on the the most fun and versatile drift tracks in Europe.

Its key point and what makes it famous and carry the name "Rollercoaster from Hell" is the JUMP!

As you see in the image bellow the red line is the PRO class layout, with the jump being in front of the VIP area, which also opposite of it are the judges.

Unfortunately we were not luckier than the Nurbugring drift cup or Formula Drift Atlanta round, as it also rained heavy :(. Conditions were also really risky for our cameras and lenses to operate and get the maximum we could.

Despite the fun and thrill everyone had with the jump, we also had some crashes, someone KO fully and some light damaged, will be in video.

More pictures on our Facebook page really soon.

thank you for reading.



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