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The classic short shifter for BMW gearboxes and gearboxes with a similar shifting mechanism is our biggest solution for full backlash in the stock shifter assembly with the ability to adjust the length of the shifting stroke.

  • The working stroke can be both ultra-short and longer (similar to switching the factory rocker). Adjustment is carried out by twisting or unscrewing the shifter rod;
  • extension insert included. Without the insert, the height of the shifter is 24 cm (like the stock rear), with the insert the height is 32 cm — a more sporty option.
  • the best Fluro ball bearing with dust seals;
  • weighs like a feather, due to the aluminum baselever and handle;
  • in the place of friction there is a brass sleeve in which the rod finger slides (or sleeve, in the case of our rod);
  • ergonomic adjustment of the position of the shifter relative to the platform for comfortable placement of the shifter in different bodies;
  • due to the plates, the stiffness of the structure is maximum, which has a positive effect on the clarity of switching.


We've given it so much attention that we can confidently guarantee a lifetime warranty!


It is completed with platforms for installation in any car, a continuing insert, a bushing threaded under the hole of the brass bushing of the shifter, hardware for installation.


We recommend ordering together with our YDC Shift Rod for a complete result!

YDC classic design shifter

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