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Drift Masters PS Racing Center Greinbach

Updated: May 30, 2019

Beautiful Austria with deers running around making you feel like your in the wild, it was our first time visiting this country and id can say i loved it, it was something different than rest of the Europe we have travelled...

Anyways lets get back to our subject, drifting. Drift masters european championship round 1, was hosted in Greinbach PS racing center.

The event flow was good and the weather tried hard to keep its sun and not rainy condition, but unfortunatly on sunday it let go and we had some few rainy passes, and made for some drivers a bit harder as parts of the track where wet and most were dry.

Despite that i have to admit, that it was my first experience after so many years in drifting hearing and seeing such audience. The crowd was going loud and nuts, screaming, cheering supporting each driver and making them feel like rockstars, you are the best guys and girls !

One of the most eye catching show ups, was James Deane's freshly built Falken Tyre Eurofighter, as it was its first fights also.

Battles were really intense, with Duane McKeever taking the win

Unfortunatly as this was a start of new season with DMEC, most drivers had issues and last minute fixes on their cars, but still it didnt stop them to put on the show.

More pictures on our facebook page and video on youtube.



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