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Estonian Rocket Bunny Fairlady

I really loved to watch images about this old school japanese cars, except the s chassis series that can be seen everywhere in europe, you get used to them and yes you love em , but they are not so rare anymore. Seeing a Datsun 240z for the first time was something magical...

It is so different and felt it had so much character. Fine pearl white snowy paint job, Pandem rocket bunny body kit this was rebuild with taste and passion.

The interior also reminded sport now days supercar with its carbon fiber panels and Alcantara with some leather and pattern stiched elements that gave that vintage old school taste, which the mixture of this elements gave this interior a really stylish look.

The heart of the fairlady was a RB26DETT...

Well the content about it will be continued but in summer time... when the weather is shinny and the roads are clean... TO BE CONTINUED



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